Understand that your request is not an emergency.

Your confidentiality is our top priority and will be protected to the fullest. *

* The only exception to this is that if you tell us that you or someone else is in imminent danger, we will be obliged to act on this information, and this may lead to the waiver of your confidentiality.

This is a peer support service formed by volunteer pilots trained for it. Although they have access to resources and a variety of professionals, their main function is to support you as a partner.

The volunteer will not tell you what to do, will not make decisions for you, or intervene on your behalf.

Consequently, PAPI program volunteer pilots are not responsible for the decisions and actions you can take after contacting the program.

That said, we are here and we will do our best to support you, within these parameters, to improve your well-being.

Joining the support program does not eliminate the flight crew member's obligation to seek aeronautical medical advice in the event of a decrease in medical physical condition in accordance with requirement MED.A.020 of Commission Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 .

As we are continually learning and striving to improve this service, your comments are important to us.


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